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Our Core Values

We satisfy the needs of employees and customers on their terms, while staying true to our ethics and values.

  1. We have the willingness and ability to determine needs, overcome complications, and provide solutions.
  2. We are honest, forthright, and sincere in everything we do.
  3. We facilitate the right solutions.
  4. We stand behind our data, products, and services.
  5. We honor and adhere to our certified LOA and process all data appropriately.
  6. We know we have a moral obligation to be honest and forthcoming in everything we say and do.
  7. We understand that being known as the FAA’s “dream contractor” is significant and fragile praise; we will treat it with the care and respect it deserves.
  8. We endeavor to help to advance the aeronautical navigation industry.
  9. We never stop pursuing knowledge and we are committed to seeking the most current information in the industry.
  10. We strive to instill curiosity and encourage innovative solutions within our company and customers.
  11.  We look for answers to customer problems and anticipate complications before they occur.
  12. We are dedicated to be helpful to others – our customers, teammates, families, animals, neighbors, the community, our city, our country, and our international community.
  13. We strive to continue to be deserving of the respect we have earned.
  14. We empower and inspire entrepreneurial spirit in our teams.
  15. We strive to positively and effectively influence the industry.