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AeroNavData’s reputation as a responsible and effective provider of Aeronautical Navigation Data and Services originates from our team’s dedication to quality.  AeroNavData looks for like-minded, talented and committed aerospace individuals to join our team at full-time, seasonal, and internship positions.

We are committed to providing quality navigation data, consulting, and engineering services to our clients, every time, through our highly skilled staff utilizing the best tools available in an atmosphere of caring and creativity.   We enthusiastically welcome your interest and application to join our AeroNavData team.

Our Aeronautical Analysts are responsible for processing aeronautical source data from around the world and work closely with the FAA and the US Military to produce quality aeronautical data products that are included in United States civil and military aeronautical publications and in the Flight Management Systems of an aircraft.

For example, an Aeronautical Analyst will produce an ARINC 424 database which will be flown in an FAA flight inspection airplane for approval, and then will be included in FAA’s National Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP) for use in a Flight Management System (FMS).   At AeroNavData, an Aeronautical Analyst will have the opportunity to utilize their aviation background to impact the current and future aeronautical databases and directly improve the safety of navigation in the National Airspace (NAS).

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Lisa Lentz

Human Resources, Contracts, Security Officer
Office: (618) 281-8986 ext. 102
Email Lisa with questions or for more information.