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Technical Team and Software Development

Our Technical and Software Development team consists of highly skilled  Aeronautical navigation data experts and seasoned software programming professionals.   This specialized team has an expert understanding of the Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC) 424 Standards as well as the military’s DAFIF® format and specifications.

This highly skilled team has a proven track record of performance in developing specialized aeronautical data production software for both commercial and military customers as well as developing AeroNavData’s own internal proprietary Production Application.    We interface with our Civil and Military customers to discuss and resolve data issues, future capabilities, and ARINC and DAFIF® format change requirements.

They are committed to the highest quality database and software development.  As an example, the AeroNavData  Production Application was developed internally to capture and output all ARINC records.  This software has met the rigorous testing standards necessary for FAA Type 1 LOA certification.

Our Technical team develops and maintains AeroNavData’s DO-200 technical standards and documents for our ARINC Production Teams and leads design changes and testing of all of AeroNavData’s proprietary software.

John Keeley

Technical Manager / LOA Liaison
Email John with questions or for more information.