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ARINC Aeronautical Database Production

The Aero Data Production team captures navigation data for use in commercial or military Flight Management Systems (FMS).    This process is certified under an FAA Type 1 LOA.

Our ARINC teams perform data capture and maintenance within the following coverage areas:  

Western Hemisphere:

    1. North America
    2. South America
    3. Latin America
    4. US Pacific Islands

Our capabilities include:

  1. capturing and maintaining navigation information for delivery in an ARINC 424 or DAFIF®-like format
  2. validating aeronautical source for possible discrepancies and notifying the FAA or other authoritative agencies when errors are discovered
  3. providing suggested resolutions to the FAA and other authoritative agencies
  4. providing scheduled and unscheduled deliveries to customers based on completeness, timeliness, and correctness

We capture and maintain everything needed for FMS navigation and flight planning, including: