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Aeronautical Data Collection

Aeronautical Data Collection team

Aeronautical Data Collection team currently provides aeronautical expertise in updating and maintaining U.S. Civil DPs, STARs, and MTRs in National Airspace System Resources (NASR) database and assists the FAA in providing Quality Control (QC) for Civil/Military Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP’s) input into NASR by National Flight Data Center (NFDC).

The goal is to improve the efficiency and performance of NASR to support the FAA’s Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP).  The team corrects any identified deficiencies on all records entered into NASR and analyzes:

In addition, we:

  1. Provide aeronautical expertise to insert, update, quality check, and maintain IAPs, DPs, STARs, and MTRs
  2. Assist in effectively managing existing information and adding new information not yet captured in the NASR Database
  3. Work to reconcile data stored in the AirNav database with the NASR database to ensure database harmonization between AirNav located in Oklahoma City with the NASR database located at FAA Headquarters
  4. Process all aeronautical source data published by the NASR and IFP databases for inclusion in the Coded Instrument Flight Procedures (CIFP)
  5. Are proud to be able to assist in improving the quality of the NASR, AirNav, and IFP databases that led to an improvement in the CIFP


Scott Morris

Aeronautical Data Collection Manager
Office: (618) 281-8986 x140
Email Scott with questions or for more information.