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Procedure Coding and Conversion

Aeronautical Guidelines and Standards

Through our certified process and in strict accordance with FAA DO-200A guidelines and standards, we code and maintain an Aeronautical Navigation Database that includes all types of Instrument Flight Procedures.

In addition, we have the capability to produce procedures in a DAFIF®-like format or to translate DAFIF® data to an ARINC 424 format.

We work with US DoD, FAA, and foreign Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycles to maintain our navigation database to produce ARINC 424 or DAFIF®-like tab-delimited data.

Our procedure coding builds our robust aeronautical database in support of navigation, flight testing, simulation, and flight planning customers.

We collect worldwide aeronautical data utilizing our ever-expanding global Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) Source Library.  We’re actively involved with Industry working group technical discussions regarding aeronautical data issues, trends, and data format evolution.  We are proactive in the pursuit of emerging innovation data-sharing solutions, such as the ability to translate, validate and transmit in a variety of Industry formats.

AeroNavData’s DAFIF® to ARINC (D2A) conversion services are available to authorized users of the U.S. Government’s Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF®).  Our proprietary software converts the DAFIF® tab-delimited file format to the internationally recognized ARINC 424 format for use in any commercial or military Flight Management Systems (FMS).  The output of the D2A tool includes a self-contained file with all required data elements required for a specific instrument terminal procedure.  An Error Log is generated for any file it was unable to convert due to errors in the DAFIF® data.


John Keeley

Technical Manager / LOA Liaison
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