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Military Solutions

C-17 Cargo hold open with SunsetAeroNavData is an FAA Type 1 LOA certified navigation data provider. We have the capability to provide navigation databases for the US Military and FAA Flight Inspection.

In support of these customers, we receive Terminal Procedure information designed by Military TERPs offices, the FAA, and other Military organizations.  We validate and format the data for aircraft Flight Management System for navigational use. The process is repeated every 28 days in accordance with the international AIRAC Cycle publication dates for navigation databases. Terminal Procedure information access is critical in supporting military and government aircraft with the most accurate and current navigation databases.

AeroNavData has the capability to provide accurate and certified Flight Management System (FMS) Navigation Data to military and civilian customers, formatted in accordance with ARINC 424 specifications.  This data is processed in full compliance with RTCA/DO-200A and our Type 1 FAA issued Letter of Acceptance (LOA) qualifications.  In addition, we can also output a tab-delimited file that emulates the NGA’s Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF®) for those platforms that require a DAFIF® file format for their FMS or mission planning purposes.

We also produce individual instrument terminal procedures in ARINC format containing procedure coding and all supplemental data.  The individual procedure output provides a digital file to supplement terminal charts for crisis support and contingency operations.