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AeroNavData’s FAA audited RTCA Type 1 Letter of Acceptance (LOA) was initially issued on February 18th, 2009 and certifies that AeroNavData has passed the FAA audit of our data processes that emphasize quality assurance, data quality requirements (DQR) and continuous process improvement.   AeroNavData’s production process requires extensive employee training and software qualification and we are dedicated to ensuring our LOA remains in good standing.

As an FAA Type 1 LOA holder, AeroNavData is allowed to supply data to an end user through an FMS manufacturer.

AeroNavData has the capability and experience to tailor products to specific customer needs within the framework of the LOA criteria.  Owing to our size, we have the flexibility to provide exactly what the customer needs at a much lower cost than our competitors.

John Keeley

Technical Manager / LOA Liaison
Email John with questions or for more information.