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Aeronautical Database Population

AeroNavData’s team of experienced technical experts and aeronautical analysts has vast expertise with the following types of data population:

  • Compliance with an Aeronautical Data Standards (e.g. DO-272, ED-99, AC 150/5300, etc.)
  • Compliance and fly-ability with a Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Government and Military navigation aeronautical databases
  • Commercial aeronautical navigation databases
  • Airport geospatial feature databases

AeroNavData has the capability to provide the following database development and data maintenance services related to data population:

  • Perform Source analysis and verification
  • Develop a database population process and coding standard rules
  • Populate government/military/country aeronautical databases
  • Populate an ARINC 424 / DAFIF® Database
  • Create data for ingest into a master database
  • Can provide population of FIX and SIAP portions of the FAA’s IFP database