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Data Visualization and Validation

Example of our Visual Procedure Check tool for ILS RWY 05L at KFFO

The Visual Procedure Check (VPC) and Digital Procedure Check (DPC) applications are designed to display terminal procedure coding in either DAFIF® or ARINC format.

It is designed to give the user the ability to enter aircraft characteristics such as:

  • FMS bank angle
  • Vertical Speed
  • True Airspeed.

This capability allows aircrews and data reviewers:

  • to visually ensure that the procedure coding meets the Flight Information Publication (FLIP) design
  • to verify how a procedure contained in the DAFIF dataset will fly
  • with the ability to “fly” the procedure in a Google Earth environment to familiarize the pilot with the destination airport and surrounding areas prior to mission launch.

Both VPC and DPC provide the capability to:

  • perform critical quality, fly-ability and terrain evaluation checks prior to procedure publication
  • assess the impact of aircraft characteristics and meteorological conditions when evaluating an approach procedure including:
    • true airspeed, vertical speed, maximum bank angle, and wind speed/direction.