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Navigation Data Solutions

Our primary strengths at AeroNavData include being adaptable and flexible.  This agility allows us to create specific aeronautical data solutions for your fleet. Whether it’s a small data request of coding new procedures for flight testing and simulation or several instrument flight procedures, we can create tailored solutions for your needs.  We are capable of coding special helicopter as well as fixed wind navigation instrument procedures and have solid relationships with many Type 2 FMS vendors that enable you to receive a coded and packed data file to suit your needs.

Our commercial capabilities, along with our FAA Type 1 LOA processes allow us to supply standard ARINC files or procedures in a packet format that contain procedure coding. We can provide either the standard ARINC file or a DAFIF®-like tab-delimited file tailored to match FMS vendor data quality requirements.

In addition to our custom tailored capabilities, we deliver ARINC 424 Navigation Data containing Canada, the US, Latin America, South America, and the US-owned Pacific region to meet published AIRAC cycles.  Our data can be utilized for instrument navigation, flight testing, simulation, flight planning, as well as contingency operation activities.