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Special Notices

Please be advised of the following Special Notices:

KPIT 2209 - 2210

Date: 27 September 2022
Subject: Incorrect heading on Standard Terminal Arrival
Cycle 2209 & 2210

The following procedure was delivered with an incorrect heading.

Airport Procedure Error
The runway transitions
RWY 28L/28C/28R
should terminate on a
heading of 71°.

AeroNavData advises to use the procedure with extreme caution until an updated
data delivery is made. The data will be updated to reflect the latest source in the
cycle 2211 data effective Thursday, Nov 03, 2022.

Click here to read or download the official Special Notice KPIT 2209 – 2210

Special notices are disseminated to notify customers of issues with navigational data which may affect flight operations or safety.

Information contained herein should be immediately relayed to appropriate personnel!
Important:   Check NOTAMs and other pertinent information prior to flight.

All questions regarding this Special Notice should be addressed to:


Phone: 618-281-8986

9735 Landmark Pkwy, Suite 200,

St. Louis MO 63127