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Procedure Coding and Conversion

Guidelines and Standards

Through our certified process and in strict accordance with RTCA DO- 272B and DO-200A guidelines and standards, we code and maintain all Aeronautical Navigation Data, such as Standard Instrument Approach Procedures (SIAPs), Departure Procedures (DPs) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs),  in the most current version of Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC 424) data format.

In addition, we have the capability to produce procedures in DAFIF® format or to translate DAFIF® data to ARINC 424.

Visual Procedure Check DAFIFWe work with US DoD, FAA, and foreign Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) in accordance with published 28 and 56 day Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycles and we encode RNAV (GPS and RNP), ILS, LOC, VOR, TACAN, NDB, and DP and STAR procedures to ARINC 424 Supplement standards.

Our procedure coding capabilities are used in support of Flight Inspection, Day Forward Procedures, Transitional Procedures, and Gold Standard Procedures from pre-published 8260 series forms and or appropriate government source and assist in the transition and migration of current ARINC 424 coding to future standards supplements.   We’re actively and eagerly involved in industry technical discussions on new trends and data formats and are proactive in the pursuit of contemporary solutions, such as the ability to encode, validate and transmit in a variety of industry formats.

Our work with Terminal Procedures, the National Flight Data Digest (NFDD), CIFP, FAA Form 7100, all versions of FAA Form 8260, the National Airspace Resource (NASR) database, the Digital Terminal Procedure Publication (D-TPP), and COMPSYS21 enables us to code SIAPs, DPs, and STARs as published on the official source documentation.   An agile global reach capability ensures that we code procedures as published in foreign Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP).   We update and maintain U.S. Civil DPs, STARs in NASR and assist the FAA in providing Quality Control (QC) for Civil/Military Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs).

AeroNavData’s DAFIF® to ARINC conversion services are available to authorized users of the U.S. Government’s Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF®).  Our proprietary software converts the DAFIF® tab-delimited file format to the internationally recognized ARINC 424 format for use in Flight Management Systems (FMS).  Additional features of our Conversion capabilities include:

John Keeley

Technical Manager / LOA Liaison
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