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Individual airport features are available on LaminarData!

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AeroNavData’s Airport individual data features are available for purchase on LaminarData!

In December, in partnership with Snowflake Software, more than 700 of AeroNavData’s high quality Airports (US and UK) became available on Snowflake’s LaminarData cloud platform.  The next phase of the roll out of our airport data now includes the added ability to purchase High Specification Airport data subsets!

The addition of the airport feature subsets allows access to the specific data features that you need, without purchasing the entire data set. This enables you to access the valuable data you require while managing your costs.

The features that are available are:

  1. Aprons + taxiways only
  2. Runways only
  3. Movement areas (aprons + taxiways + runways)
  4. Parking stand location
  5. Buildings (vertical polygonal structures)
  6. Hotspots
  7. Aerodrome reference point

Check out the new airport data today:  AeroNavData detailed airport features!