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Richard Neidballa

Rich attended the University of Dallas where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and achieved his MBA in 1992.  He returned to St. Louis to work at Union Pacific Railroad while taking college classes from University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) to achieve a Master’s of Science in Information Systems.  At Union Pacific RR he modernized a vital customer-service tool by writing a web application that allowed railroad passengers to make and check the status of their reservations and train schedules.  He left UPRR to join TASC as a developer where he wrote a well-received web application to gather statistics on how long it takes to do an aeronautical navigation data procedure.  Rich worked at TASC for 7 years before joining AeroNavData as a Senior Developer in 2007.

Rich is a highly analytical guy with a talent for software development but what he is really known for, apart from software development and programming, is “figuring stuff out”.   He is adept at researching existing technologies and building on the ideas and concepts to accomplish his own very efficient problem solving methods.

What excites Rich most about his work is that he has the opportunity to use his wits to research and formulate creative solutions to unique problems for his customers.   He’s persistent and passionate about solving problems effectively and is not afraid to bring a new and better alternative forward, and with it the research and testing to back up his ideas.

Rich relishes his free time with his family and uses much of his free time assisting his parents with the 18 dogs they have rescued.   He passionate about his own two dogs, Lady and Bo, in his extensive animal rescue activities – and in restoring his 1966 hardtop coupe, midnight blue Mustang!