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Lisa Lentz

Lisa arrived at AeroNavData in October 2004, just several months after the company started and is professionally acknowledged for her Systems Engineering and Integration skills.  But Lisa’s real knack is keeping up with the many fine details of any project.    In her role as Contracts Manager, she is often applauded for organization and her ability to oversee and facilitate the successful accomplishment of every contract.

Prior to her work at AeroNavData, Lisa thrived as a Systems Engineer for Intergraph Corporation and for Northrop Grumman TASC in support of the Department of Defense and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.   She provided comprehensive support to her customer and excelled at bringing together the right people to solve problems.   She is adept at keeping up with the details of any meeting, and is highly efficient at following up with action items and risk management issues.   Today, Lisa is most passionate about writing a successful proposal that results in a project that the AeroNavData teams can both fully support and are happy to work on.

Lisa spent her childhood living with her family in several different cities in in the US:  Ohio, New York and Kentucky, which she feels is by far the prettiest and friendliest place to grow up and she loved spending her teens and twenties in Louisville.

Personally Lisa is very passionate about gardening, flowers, and animals and she actively volunteers as a foster parent to puppies and kittens from the local Humane Society.  When she is not working, Lisa enjoys working in her gardens alongside her husband Neal, who is her best friend, confidant and her best half!  Lisa and Neal support several non-profit organizations focused on feeding or housing people, helping our veterans, local public television and PBS radio station.