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RTCA SC-217 Meeting, EUROCONTROL Brussels, Belgium

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Aeronautical Databases and the FAA/EASA/EUROCAE Proposed Changes for ED-76

One of the main objectives of the RTCA SC-217 meeting in Brussels,  February 25 – March 1, 2013,  is for participants to discuss, review, and provide input for end-users to check data quality by having robust quality process within the upstream stages of the data chain.  The group considers both data origination as well as post publication made downstream (by AIS) as well as takes into consideration the full scope of aeronautical data, including TOD and Airport Mapping Data Base (AMDB).  The group also discusses new technologies that might be applicable to this standard (Internet, data-link, I-Pads, etc.).

As a group, there is general agreement that the ED-76 document has a sound foundation that can accommodate improvements or enhancement and they clarified the safety requirement assurance levels for any applications or tools utilized.The intent is not to add complexity, as the document must stay simple to use, but perhaps to consider adding appendices as necessary regarding implementation, use cases, transition to SESAR and NextGen, and multiple temporalities.

These recommended changes to the RTCA DO-200 document are expected to be discusses as they relate to the FAA Circular:

The figure below is very helpful to understand the different RTCA standards documents related to aeronautical data.  The next RTCA SC-217 meeting will be held in St. Louis, MO, USA and AeroNavData will attend and participate in order to prepare our tools and processes for proposed changes to DO-200.

DO-200 Data Flow