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Successful C17 System Integration Lab (SIL) Test

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March 25 – 28, 2013.  AeroNavData worked with Tybrin, Boeing, and US Air Force in Long Beach, CA this week to perform a successful  test of navigation procedure data for the C17 Globemaster  in Tybrin’s Avionics System Integration Lab.   AeroNavData provided quality assurance testing on the navigation data for Tybrin in preparation of packing the data for inclusion in the cockpit Flight Management System (FMS) of the C17 Military Transport aircraft.

C-17 GlobemasterAs part of the on-going program with Tybrin, AeroNavData supports the navigation procedure coding and Quality Assurance testing of the data prior to Tybrin packing it for the aircraft.  The combined Tybrin-AeroNavData team sorts out and resolves any issues with various leg types and data, as well as performs DAFIF 8.1 testing.

TYBRIN Corporation is on contract with the US Air Force to develop and maintain the mission planning environments for the Tanker, Airlift and Special Mission (TASM) aircraft.  The engineering support that AeroNavData provides to Tybrin is related to providing analysis of issues that are output from the TYBRIN DAFIF Logic Tool. The analysis is provided in a timely fashion so as to allow reports to AMC prior to the DAFIF cycle being released to the field.

In addition, AeroNavData assists in other issues that are raised by AMC aircrew related to questions about behavior of terminal procedures.  In addition, AeroNavData is proud to support TYBRIN in the development of a reporting method that will allow AMC quick access to the issues that are deemed most important.