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RTCA Special Committee 217 Meeting – Salt Lake City

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EUROCONTROL Tower Simulation used with Paris CDG Airport Mapping Data

AeroNavData is a sponsor of RTCA, a non-profit corporation which develops internationally-supported technical guidance documents.  As a member of Special Committee 217 (SC-217), our Airport Mapping team attends meetings organized by RTCA and committee leaders in which they refine guidance documents prior to publication.

SC-217 met in Salt Lake City on December 10-14th to prepare updates for these documents which will incorporate air traffic modernization strategies developed by FAA’s NextGen and EUROCONTROL’s SESAR programs.  One of the most progressive technologies discussed was Digital Taxi (D-TAXI), which utilizes datalinks to display taxi clearances and routing on an aircraft’s moving map display.

A real time simulation of digital taxi technology was recently performed in a SESAR collaborative project based at the Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris, France.  This project demonstrates the potential of an Airport Mapping Database for increasing automation, and maximizing situational awareness and traffic flow.