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AeroNavData supports the ARINC NDB/NDBX Working Group

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Members of the AeroNavData, Inc. team are in attendance at the ARINC Navigation Data Base (NDB/NDBX) Working Group being held this week (Oct 21 – 23, 2014) at Universal Avionics System Corporation in Tucson, AZ.  During this meeting the NDB Subcommittee will review proposals for incorporation into the Navigation Data Base Standard, draft Supplement 21 to ARINC Specification 424 or ARINC Project Paper 424A.

Some of the topics being discussed at this industry meeting are the status of the ARINC 424A Modeling Activity, FMS vendor feedback to industry teams regarding turn direction on legs following VM/FM legs, and Document Convention Discussion Papers provided by data suppliers, data users, and data integrators.

As a certified FAA Type 1 LOA Holder and data supplier, AeroNavData, Inc. is keenly interested in working with our industry colleagues to help solve inconsistencies in data and practices.  At the meeting AeroNavData team members will present a proposal to split the helipad data to the PINs Working Group.  We are proud to be involved in this valuable working group that assists the continued safety of the aviation industry.