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AeroNavData Celebrates its Ninth Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary AeroNavData!On May 29, 2013 we celebrated the ninth anniversary of the incorporation of our company.  We are so pleased to continue to travel the trajectory set in motion by our founders to become respected providers of quality aeronautical navigation data solutions.

We started with a small and resolute team of pilots, air traffic controllers, and data experts who were determined to contribute to the improvement of safety of air navigation by bringing to market an agile and cost-effective alternative solution.

Over the last nine years we’ve grown both in numbers and dedication to our mission and are so proud of our AeroNavData family.  With our on-going support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), military and DoD customers world-wide we consistently strive to advance data technologies in the aeronautical industry.  We enjoy working closely with data standards working groups, customers, and Aviation professionals.  We love to fly, and more than that we love to assist in any way possible to make flying safer and more efficient for all pilots!