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Assisting the USAF in a successful flight test

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AeroNavData assisted the US Air Force in the C-17 Flight test at Edwards Air Force Base (KEDW). The flight test required AeroNavData to design a number of custom procedures that could provide navigation data in a tab-delimited format that matches DAFIF Edition 8.1.  Our provided navigation procedure design also incorporated aircraft maneuvering speeds, bank angle, and the capabilities of the aircraft’s upgraded Flight Management System (FMS).

Once the design and coding passed all AeroNavData’s integrity checks, we output a tab-delimited navigation file that was delivered to Jacobs and the USAF.  On April 9, 2015, the Program Office at Wright Patterson Air Force Base reported to us that the C-17 RF, FM, PI leg testing at Edwards Air Force Base was 100% successful.  All 26 testpoints that were provided were, attempted and reported as Effective during the 3.5 hour flight test.

AeroNavData is pleased to have been a part of this successful flight test mission!

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