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Aviation Day 2017 at MidAmerica!

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AeroNavData was pleased to participate in Aviation Day 2017 at MidAmerica Airport!  The purpose of the event was to share information with K-12 teachers on all things related to Aviation, Aviation Science, Math, Engineering, Flight, Navigation, etc.  The goal was to assist educators in having practical application of these disciplines and skills for their STEM curriculum.

In addition to the educational aspect of the day, our AeroNavData team was pleased to meet colleagues, educators, current and future pilots, and navigation experts in a wonderful setting at MidAmerica Airport!

Since AeroNavData has its own Flying Club and Cessna 172, we were thrilled to be able to raffle a day of flying to one of the attendees of the event.  Andrew Lewis, one of our skilled pilots and flight instructors at AeroNavData, was very happy to take Kelly and Gabriella up for a flight on May 14th in AeroNavData’s 172.  The weather cooperated and a great time was had by all as they flew over the river and the St. Louis skyline!

Kelly, a local educator, shared the story of her flight with her students. She was also able to help fellow educators mentor students towards a career in aviation.  We hope to help inspire Kelly and Gabriella, and other young students, to continue their interest in Science, Aviation and to someday become pilots themselves!

We think Kelly already looks like a natural!