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Procedure Processing and Delivery

Procedure Coding Integrity

We specialize in custom-built, aeronautically-focused tools and data production software applications.

We’ve developed our own certified Procedure Coding Production Application that enables our analysts to access official aeronautical navigation data sources and use our built-in data integrity rules to accurately code navigation procedures and perform extensive quality checks to ensure their accuracy.

Our experienced teams work seamlessly together to develop software applications that enable us to code all procedures that satisfy stringent industry standards and specific customer requirements.  Our goal is that each pilot who utilizes our data in their cockpit will have complete confidence in the quality of the data and know that their mission or flight will meet the highest industry requirements regarding safety of navigation.

Instrument Flight Procedure Coding

After an Instrument Flight Procedure is coded in an AeroNavData database, the procedure is processed via our Quality Control process and submitted for output and delivery.

Our outputs can be made in a variety of formats, including: