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Ramstein Airport: TOLEY 2 Departures


AeroNavData received a request from the US Air Force for assistance with investigating and solving long-standing issues with the TOLEY 2 (ETAR) departure at Ramstein Airport in Germany.  Military pilots reported that when selecting the TOLEY 2 departure, the FMS displayed only numerous questions marks (?) indicating an issue with the Standard Instrument Departure (SID) coding data.  This rendered the departure unusable and the pilots were forced to “hand-fly” (manually fly) the procedure.


AeroNavData’s Aero Analyst team researched the issue and discovered numerous coding issues in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency  (NGA) DAFIF® database which contributed to the SID load failure.  The team re-coded the procedure and sent it to Air Force Flight Safety (AFFSA) and Flight Inspection for review.  After the review and approval, the procedure was sent to the NGA for inclusion in the next release cycle.


The solution to the issue was to ensure that the procedure was usable in the C-17 aircraft FMS and that it followed correct naming conventions in order to be filed with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  The coding was made to follow the initial design intent of the Terminal Instrument Procedure (TERPs) designer as well as observing the noise abatement requirements of the two neighboring residential areas.  Lastly, it was ensured that no errors were introduced when being entered into the NGA’s DAFIF® database.


Following the 1st DAFIF® cycle after the resolution was implemented, AeroNavData received a thank-you message from a Lt. Colonel 701 AS Operations Officer, in which she said that the T1 aircraft had flown into Ramstein the previous weekend and that she was finally able to load and use the TOLEY 2 to depart for the first time in years.