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DAFIF® to ARINC Conversion


Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF®) is a proprietary tab-delimited format of data developed by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).  DAFIF® is a unique format that is suitable for mission planning but has limited flight management system (FMS) applications.  The Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC) data format is compatible with most avionics manufacturer’s flight management systems.  To make DAFIF® useful for the majority of aircraft FMS it must be converted to the international ARINC 424 format.  Our DAFIF® to ARINC conversion solution can help you achieve this goal.


Critical to this conversion process is an accurate mapping of aeronautical data from DAFIF® to ARINC coupled with software that performs consistently without error.  Our D2A Conversion solution was built to convert data from one format to another, but no software application can correct errors or deficiencies in the original DAFIF® file itself or produce data elements for the ARINC formatted output that do not exist in the DAFIF® structure.  Additionally, most data users do not specify a navigation file conforming to any particular version of ARINC 424, but rather choose to develop an Interface Control Document (ICD) to meet the requirements of a particular avionics manufacturer’s FMS.


In some cases, a missing required data element, such as the Missed Approach Point (MAP), can be derived from the other data residing in DAFIF®.  Our D2A Conversion solution resolves this problem by computing the MAP altitude based on ARINC 424 guidelines using runway threshold elevation, threshold crossing height, and distance from missed approach point to the runway threshold.  Our D2A Conversion solution produces a plain English formatted Error Log for each processing run for each record that has not successfully converted.


Our DAFIF® to ARINC (D2A) conversion services solution was built to be customizable to support most FMS and aircraft platforms.  Each aircraft platform that requires a new ICD will receive a separate and customized D2A application that produces a terminal procedure packet file containing all records necessary to support a particular terminal procedure at a specific airport.

This file includes all required:

  • Airport, runway
  • Terminal procedure
  • Waypoint
  • Navaid
  • ILS path point
  • MSA records

These options allow each customer the flexibility to customize the conversion process to suit their specific needs.