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AeroNavData Seeks Talent at Saint Louis University Career Fair

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Hopeful faces with finely polished résumés in hand recently crowded into the Busch Student Center at Saint Louis University for the Annual Spring Career & Graduate School Fair. A long time sponsor of this event, AeroNavData, brought along three representatives; Matt Holthouse of the Airport Mapping Team, Nick Smith of the NASR Support Services Team, and Kileigh Rousey of the Special Projects Team. It is also fair to note that Matt and Nick are both alumni of SLU and Kileigh will soon graduate from the university in May.

AeroNavData Career FairThe three current analysts set up newly acquired equipment for one of the most eye catching booths at the affair. Other employers gazed at the AeroNavData presentation in admiration throughout the day, some even walking over to ask for advice on their own booths. An additional attention grabber appeared to be the presentation of the company’s Haiti Relief Mission video.

Although many students had done their research on the majority of the companies attending the fair, the most common question for this unique company was, “What do you guys do?” Matt, Nick, and Kileigh quickly found out that the alphabet soup of aviation sounded like nothing but gibberish to these applicants, ranging from ages 18 to 40. More often than not, the company appealed to the various engineers of Parks College at Saint Louis University. Perhaps the second most common question was, “Do you offer any internships?” It was not difficult to realize that the venue was full of some of the brightest students in the area, bound determined to add another stellar work experience to their résumé. The foremost priority for the representatives of AeroNavData was searching for qualified candidates to apply for Aeronautical Analyst and GIS Analyst positions as well as Software Development opportunities within the company. All things considered, the three analysts packed up and walked away from the booth late that afternoon delighted to have met several inspirational students and prospective future employees.