Independent Data Compliance Audits

Navy E-2D hawkeye

US Navy E-2D Hawkeye

The US Navy Program Manager, Air Combat Electronics (PMA209) has designated AeroNavData, Inc. as a PMA209 compliant Level 1 data provider.  PMA 209 audited our FAA certified LOA data process and determined that AeroNavData’s process and practices also comply with the United States Navy (USN) Required Navigation Performance Area Navigation (RNP RNAV) requirements for navigation data and navigation data processing.

AeroNavData supported the U. S. Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, NAVAIR, and Program Manager Air Combat Electronics (PMA209) by providing them with a certified Navigation Database for use in the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft during its initial fielding and to support related aircrew training.

AeroNavData holds FAA Type 1 Letter of Acceptance (LOA) that was issued by the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) on February 18th, 2009.  Our FAA LOA certifies our quality assurance, data quality requirements (DQR) and continuous process improvement criteria are deemed reliable and at the highest of standards.  We welcomed and supported the Navy’s request to perform an additional audit our FAA Type 1 Letter of Acceptance (LOA) aeronautical navigation data process.

While working with the Navy, AeroNavData coordinated closely with the customer to ensure that all requirements were properly captured and were fully compatible with the LOA Type 2 data quality requirements documentation.

We coded and validated the navigation procedures and performed a robust series of process steps to code and validate the procedures, such as:

  1. Source Review and Analysis
  2. Verification and input of all supplemental aeronautical information that is used in the design of each procedure.
  3. Complete ARINC Procedure Coding
  4. Quality Control check of all supplemental and procedure data
  5. Utilization of DO-200 qualified tools to ensure quality coding of all supplemental and procedure data.
  6. Ensure Type 1 LOA / DO-200A compliance in accordance with FAA AC 20-153 and RTCA DO-200A
  7. Delivery of ARINC 424 navigation database, on a 28-day cycle.