Database Error Investigation

Throughout our company’s history, we consistently demonstrate our commitment to assisting customers in reaching their navigation database objectives.  Working with the world’s most comprehensive aeronautical navigation sources, our digital outputs and consulting services are customized towards each customer’s specific needs.  When working with customer merging or reconciliation projects, AeroNavData investigates and resolves any discrepancies that occur in the merge process that could affect the customer’s database.  AeroNavData ensures that the data in the customer’s database is complete and accurate with the originating source and will operate as expected.

ARINC and database error checkWith unparalleled flexibility, AeroNavData works alongside our customers throughout the entire process to help them achieve the utmost accuracy and efficiency in data management.  Whether inputting aeronautical information into a new database or updating an older one, we have a proven and award-winning track record of providing precise solutions to aeronautical data conflicts.

By having teams within our company that specialize in different database systems and processes, our customers receive undivided and focused attention when database issues or errors occur.  From small and customized fixes to synchronizing and updating the FAA’s two leading National Airspace System databases, AeroNavData provides a scalable approach to manage any database reconciliation project.

Aeronautical database populationWhatever the specific database error investigation and reconciliation needs, AeroNavData is dedicated to providing expert solutions to ensure your data systems stay at the forefront of aeronautical navigation data accuracy.

By proactively thinking of potential and future database issues and requirements, AeroNavData’s process discovers discrepancies early and is able to present strategies to our customers to resolve issues promptly and prevent similar errors from repeating in the future.  Staying on the cutting edge of all new industry developments and standards, we often anticipate and troubleshoot problems before they happen to our customers.

We specialize in:

  • Data transmission and dissemination
  • Resolution of data discrepancies
  • Coordination of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) with:
      • Federal NOTAM System (FNS),
      • Air Traffic Organization (ATO)-Safety
      • National Flight Data Center (NFDC)
  • Appropriate corrective action to ensure AIMdb data accuracy
  • Correct identified deficiencies on all records entered into the National Airspace System Resource (NASR)
  • Identification of aeronautical source and Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) system problems
  • Review of all U.S. Military, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and foreign Airport Improvement Program (AIP) procedures currently published in DAFIF for quality and standardization.
  • Research, documentation, communication, and provision of resolutions on identified discrepancies.