Data Integrity Analysis

In accordance with Industry Standards (such as RTCA DO-272B) and our DO-200A LOA requirements, AeroNavData ensures the validity and usability of all incoming source.  AeroNavData also provides input to the source originator during a procedure’s early design stages in order ensure data integrity and code-ability with ARINC standards.

NASR team data integrity checks

All coded procedures follow a qualified initial output and quality check process to ensure accuracy and completeness:

  • validation of source using business and data processing rules
  • together with the source originators, resolve any discrepancies

We have implemented an RTCA-certified process that:

  • tracks all source data through a centralized process
  • enables full traceability from reception to delivery
  • provides workflow documentation to ensure data contained within IFPs is of a high level of accuracy.

All data discrepancies also follow a centralized process which includes:

  • communicating each discrepancy to the source originator
  • providing a documented and comprehensive resolution

Our Analysts use a number of internally-developed integrity check applications to perform a thorough analysis of the data during the coding of all source materials:

  • AeroNavData MAP and VNAV Calculator
  • AeroNavData Converter
  • AeroNavData Compsys tool