Data Discrepancy Investigation

Our Aero Analysts initiate data discrepancy reports and facilitate the resolution of discrepancies through active communication with all of the affected stakeholders of the data.  The discovery of any data discrepancy during the aeronautical navigation procedure coding process is thoroughly investigated and provides complete investigation results and recommendations for possible resolution of the issue or discrepancy.

ARINC Data verification and processing
  1.  Our Flight Inspection Team receives pre-published source and, upon finding a possible discrepancy, sends an email alerting the affected individuals.
  2. Because of this quality process, procedures that go to the flight inspection airplanes are less likely to fail, which in turn provides for a safer and more proficient process.
  3. Our DO-200 ARINC coding team uses our proprietary Problem Reporting Database to track the errors in the source.
  4. Once a problem report is filed, an email is sent to the affected stakeholders and individuals and the source is then corrected as recommended.