DAFIF® Data Analysis

DAFIF® Post-Publication Review

Our DAFIF® Post-Publication Review is a 100% verification of all published data pertaining to customer instrument flight procedures (IFPs) that AeroNavData coded prior to publication in National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s DAFIF®.

As experts on both the ARINC and DAFIF formats, our analysts conduct a full comparison between the Flight Check-approved ARINC files and the published DAFIF® data for each IFP.  This process ensures full compliance with the original intent of the procedure design.

Upon completion of this review, a detailed report is delivered to the procedure’s Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR).  This report includes a list of all discrepancies found in the data along with our suggestions for the correction of the issues.  This review can be conducted on newly designed or amended procedures as well as any currently published procedures that need coding corrections.