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Validating Flight Procedures

Enroute Structure

Validating Flight Procedures

AeroNavData Aero Analysts use the Visual Procedure Check (VPC) and DAFIF Procedure Check (DPC) applications to display terminal procedure coding data in the ARINC or DAFIF format.

Using these distinct visualization applications allows the coded flight path to be analyzed using a variety of simulated aircraft performance characteristics and weather scenarios.  The analyst can clearly visualize if the procedure coding is free of errors and meets the procedure designer’s original intent, as well as if the designed procedure can be flown according to the intended aircraft’s specifications.

Using the visual check tools allows the analyst to uncover discrepancies in aeronautical source documentation, such as:

  • Insufficient vertical descent angles
  • Misplaced fix coordinates
  • Unnecessary or incorrect turn directions
  • Incongruent magnetic variations
  • Inadequate intercept angles