Data Visualization

The Visual Procedure Check (VPC) and Digital Procedure Check (DPC) applications were designed to display terminal procedure coding in either DAFIF® or ARINC format.

KJFK R31LY Visual Procedure Check

These applications provide the aeronautical analyst the ability to enter aircraft characteristics such as:

  • FMS bank angle
  • Vertical Speed
  • True Airspeed.

This capability could enable aircrews and data reviewers:

  • To visually ensure that the procedure coding meets the Flight Information Publication (FLIP) design
  • To verify how a procedure contained in the DAFIF® dataset will fly
  • The ability to “fly” the procedure in a Google Earth environment; increasing situational awareness for the pilot by visualizing the destination airport and surrounding area data prior to mission launch.

Both VPC and DPC also provide the capability to:

  • Perform critical quality, “fly-ability” and terrain evaluation checks prior to procedure publication
  • Assess the impact of aircraft characteristics and meteorological conditions when evaluating an approach procedure including: true airspeed, vertical speed, maximum bank angle, and wind speed/direction.