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Purchase our DO-272 Airport Data

Click here to review the list of DO272 Standards-based Airports we have available for purchase.

We currently have all major Airports in the US and are expanding daily into the EU!

**  If you do not see your airport on this list, please contact us to find out the status of that specific collection.

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The high-quality accurate ground-based feature data captured and maintained in our database includes aircraft movement and non-movement areas and enables the user to increase the focus on operational safety and surface navigation in low visibility. AeroNavData’s AMDB data is currently collecting the following DO272 Feature Classes:

1. AerodromeReferencePoint
2. ApronElement
3. ConstructionArea
4. Hotspot
5. ParkingStandLocation (in Europe)
6. RunwayDisplacementArea
7. RunwayElement
8. RunwayIntersection
9. TaxiwayElement
10. TaxiwayHoldingPosition
11. VerticalPolygonalStructure

Our DO272 collected data has a variety of applications and usage across the Aviation Industry.


 AeroNavData’s Airport Map data in the Cloud!

AeroNavData, Inc. is excited to announce that our Airport Map Data is now available for purchase on Snowflake Software’s Laminar Data Cloud platform!

We have mapping data for more than 600 Airports and are expanding our holdings every day.  The data is collected according to the high-quality guidance of DO272 / ED-99 specifications and contains all movement and non-movement areas on the airport property as well as other important features.  This airport data is currently available in AIXM 5.1 format for either a one-time purchase or on a subscription/maintenance basis.  Those who purchase a maintenance agreement will receive updates to their purchased airport data when changes occur.

We are thrilled to have partnered with  Snowflake Software, Inc. to utilize their new Laminar Data Cloud platform as an easy and efficient way to deliver airport mapping data to our customers.  Currently, airports can be downloaded in their entirety, but soon (1st Quarter 2017) APIs will be available to developers to view dynamically only what application users request.  In addition, we offer 2 sample airports in AIXM format to review and test.  These 2 airport samples and details about purchasing airport mapping data are found at the following link:

laminar-data-logos-final-rgbClick this link to purchase your US Airport today!  https://developer.laminardata.aero/airportmaps



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