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AIXM Ingest and Export

Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM)

The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) is a comprehensive international XML-based standard.  Importantly, the data model was jointly developed by the FAA and EUROCONTROL with the goal of enabling the management and distribution of Aeronautical Information Services in digital format.

Through our own internal research and development, AeroNavData has developed reusable AIXM 5.1 compliant Application Programming Interfaces (API).  These interfaces provide the ability to process, encode, and validate various types of aeronautical data in AIXM 5.1 format.

AIXM CodingAeroNavData’s AIXM 5.1 API

AIXM Versions and Legacy Encoding API

Our custom software solution can be reused in existing or new applications for exchanging aeronautical data, both in desktop or web-enabled environments.  Our approach bridges the gap between legacy aeronautical data management systems and AIXM’s schema-neutral format.  In addition, we maintain API for both AIXM 4.5 and 5.0 and relevant extensions for legacy encodings.

AIXM-formatted data, viewed in Snowflake Software's ATM Viewer

AIXM-formatted data, viewed in Snowflake Software’s ATM Viewer

Our AIXM ingest and export capabilities provide a direct machine-to-machine interface capability.  This to ensure that the data is not corrupted by labor-intensive traditional manual transcribing of paper-based products.