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Aeronautical Data Solutions

SIDS and STARS procedure codingAeroNavData designs and builds custom software solutions to code, process, validate, and create Aeronautical Navigation data products in a variety of industry standard formats.   Most noteworthy, we have developed our applications in strict compliance with industry standards.  Importantly, our certified data quality methods enable our aeronautical analysts to produce navigation data of the highest possible integrity.

AeroNavData utilizes our stringent internal practices and expertise to provide each external customer with tailored software solutions that they can utilize in their own production processes.

AeroNavData’s Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) Coding Process

As part of our on-going navigation data process, we:

Because AeroNavData constructed a form-driven database application in support of the FAA’s graphical user interface (GUI) requirements, we ensure that the advanced editing of the ARINC procedure record types is possible.

Secondly, we draw on our company’s extensive experience in navigation procedure coding and incorporate many levels of data validation within the application, including:

  • Stringent form validation for each record type
  • Coding integrity check engines that enforce ARINC rules
  • Utilize coding practices that isolate potential coding errors prior to output

AIXM 5.0 Software Ingest Utility (SIU)

AeroNavData developed a custom application that provided the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) with the capability to review and ingest candidate data from incoming AIXM 5.0 encoded files, with Flight Procedure Package (FPP) extensions, into its aeronautical production environment called the Aeronautical Digital Data Environment (ADDE).

Our application utilizes the AIXM Application Programming Interface (API) and loads related AIXM 5.0 encoded files.

The AIXM application:

This custom application allows the NGA to capitalize on digital AIXM based sources of aeronautical data for ingest and relieves the production analyst of having to manually key-in traditional paper-based source material.   A powerful comparison feature allows the analyst to review the incoming changes and mitigate any potential data conflicts.

John Keeley

Technical Manager / LOA Liaison
Email John with questions or for more information.