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ARINC 424 Per-Procedure Packets

AeroNavData designed our proprietary ARINC 424 Output software to create P3 Packets and full output database files directly from our aeronautical navigation database.

As a result, our ARINC Output software produces:

  • Highly scalable and customizable data outputs
  • Tailored, specific aeronautical data requirements from a variety of customers, such as the FAA.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities, for example: Dates, Airport or Terminal Identifier, and procedure types
  • Multiple ARINC 424 formats that:
    • Enforce ARINC rules and industry-accepted procedure coding practices
    • Allow for adding, deleting or modifying criteria for data integrity checks

Our Per Procedure Packets (P3) contain:

Furthermore, the data includes:

  • Specific header information
  • VHF and NDB Navaids
  • Enroute Waypoints for  Airport (PA) and Approach (PF)
  • Airport Procedure Data Continuation Record (SBAS/RNP)
  • Runway (PG), Terminal Arrival Area (PK)
  • Terminal NDB (PN)
  • Path Point (PP), Path Point Continuation Record (LPV)
  • Minimum Safe Altitude (PS)