Per-Procedure Packet (P3)

An internally developed application, our ARINC Output software was specifically designed to create P3 Packets and full output files from our aeronautical database.

Our ARINC Output software was engineered with many important considerations including:

  • Highly scalable and customizable
  • Tailoring to support specific aeronautical data requirements from a variety of customers, such as the FAA.
  • Enabled advanced filtering capabilities such as Dates, Airport or Terminal Identifier, and procedure types
  • Supports multiple ARINC 424 formats that also:
    • Enforces ARINC rules and accepted procedure coding practices
    • Allows for adding, deleting or modifying the criteria for the integrity checks without modifying the application code

Our “Per Procedure Packets” (P3) contain all data elements for a single terminal procedure at a particular airport, all required records for the procedure, as well as a header file formatted according to the ARINC specifications required for Flight Management System (FMS) operation.

The Packet data file includes:

  • Specified header information
  • VHF and NDB Navaids
  • Enroute Waypoints for  Airport (PA) and Approach (PF)
  • Airport Procedure Data Continuation Record (SBAS/RNP)
  • Runway (PG), Terminal Arrival Area (PK)
  • Terminal NDB (PN)
  • Path Point (PP), Path Point Continuation Record (LPV)
  • Minimum Safe Altitude (PS).