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Scott Lampley

Scott grew up in Troy Missouri and graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia 1998 with a Bachelors of Geography degree with a focus on GIS and Remote Sensing.  He began his career at AeroNavData in March 2005 has been in the GIS, imagery, remote sensing field since 1999.

Prior to joining AeroNavData, he worked for OrbImage, now part of Digital Globe, where he performed image processing and was adept at automating tasks for analysts.  He also worked for TASC where he performed GIS feature collection work (2D and 3D) and aeronautical navigation data processing.  In addition, Scott was a flight simulator hobbyist, teaching himself about aeronautical navigation data in his spare time.  He started working with Neal Covington, the founder of AeroNavData while at TASC and assisted him in the aeronautical department.  He enjoyed the work and Neal was pleased to invite Scott to join the initial start-up team at AeroNavData.

Scott is a problem solver, particularly in the technical field and has a keen knack for finding answers to difficult technical issues that his colleagues and customers are troubled with.   He is a fast learner and tends to be a technical “jack of all trades”.  He is skilled at image analysis and deriving answers from context.

Professionally Scott is most passionate about technical innovation and likes to find solutions, tools, and processes that allow greater efficiency and ease-of-use for analysts.  Personally, he is most passionate about his family, brewing beer, making wine, enjoying local craft beer, playing music (guitar, drums, and singing) and creating technological innovations in his home.  When not at work you can normally find Scott at home with his family, or visiting one of the local micro-breweries.