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John Keeley

John started at AeroNavData in June 2005 and is AeroNavData’s Technical Manager.  Prior to arriving at AeroNavData, John gained experience in several areas that gave him a unique viewpoint of the aviation industry.  In the cockpit, John has logged a few hundred hours in several aircraft including the King Air, and has earned a commercial multi-engine pilot certificate and instrument rating.   John earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science and a certificate in Business Administration from Saint Louis University.  He gained an acute awareness of human factors as a Crew Resource Management Simulator Instructor, and developed an appreciation for safety implications while working as an Aviation Safety researcher at SLU.   John learned logistics and ground operations hands-on while working in between college classes as a baggage agent at Trans-States Airlines.

Professionally, John is known for quickly learning new skills in order to create fresh solutions.  When analysts were overwhelmed with integrity checks, John wrote an application that whittled integrity checks down to the number the analyst needed for a specific task.  When analysts needed to quickly view point-feature data against imagery, John wrote an application that integrated imagery with data production.  Several of John’s solo projects are either utilized as standalone production tools or were incorporated into existing software.

John grew up in Leavenworth Kansas and returns to the family homestead often throughout the year to visit his family.  The frequency of his visits has increased with the arrival of his two daughters, who are eager to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  In addition,  John enjoys working on his pizza recipe in order to compete in the annual Keeley family pizza cook-off.  (While the cook-off has never seen a consensus winner, the pursuit of perfection and his Dad’s proprietary Chicago-thin recipe ensure ever-stiffening competition.)

Whether it’s in his personal or professional life, John would like to be remembered for his integrity, desire to learn, and commitment to serve.  He believes these are values that ensure personal and professional success, and appreciates that he has the opportunity to work with employees who embody these values on a daily basis.